The Best Leftover Recipes of All Time
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The Best Leftover Recipes of All Time

Por - Diciembre 2021
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As the holiday season goes by, there still are things we can do to remember the splendid Christmas dinner we have spent so much time planning. Recalentado, as it is called in Spanish, is a tradition that makes the most of Christmas leftovers to prepare different dishes with a homey touch to enjoy more family time. If you want to be innovative with Christmas leftovers, check out our top 5 leftovers recipes!

Leftover Turkey Panini

This turkey panini with pesto mayonnaise is great to make the most of leftover turkey. The amazing flavor of this delicious bird is enhanced overnight and it is just perfect combined with a slice of crunchy bread. Add dried tomatoes to give this panini a sweet hint and a dash of árbol chile salsa in case you need a little bit of help to deal with a hangover.

Cranberry Turkey Sandwiches

Although simple, this recipe is packed with tons of flavor. All you need is Christmas leftover turkey, cranberry jam, either store-bought or homemade, and arugula. These ingredients, combined with a bit of freshly toasted sandwich bread, guarantee a winning holiday brunch. For a more sophisticated taste, add a bit of Brie cheese.

Turkey Alfredo Pasta

If you’re looking for a hearty and yielding recipe prepared with leftovers, pasta is a great alternative. You can also prepare this recipe with shrimp, pork, and even beef since all these ingredients match perfectly with Alfredo sauce. Making this recipe is a piece of cake and will be ready in less than 30 minutes.

Jalisco-Style Tortas Ahogadas

This recipe is perfect if pork leg was part of your Christmas feast. Just shred the meat and place it inside a telera or bolillo roll. The secret to this torta ahogada lies in the sauce, which is prepared following the traditional recipe from Jalisco, Mexico. You can make the sauce as spicy as you like, but keep in mind that recipes featuring a bit of chile are great hangover cures, even more so if you enjoyed some Christmas cocktails the previous night.

Canned Tuna Fish Cakes

As yielding as it is, there will always be leftover mashed potatoes. You can make the most of mashed potatoes by mixing them with a bit of cooked tuna to make some quick and delicious canned tuna fish cakes your family will love.                                                                    

Translated by Miranda Perea
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La limpieza de los dientes con ingredientes naturales está registrada desde los antiguos, los cuales usaban las cenizas de cascos de buey quemados o cáscaras de huevo como pasta de dientes. Esta combinación estaba destinada principalmente a eliminar los desechos acumulados de la superficie de los dientes y se cree que se le añadió agua para formar una pasta antes de su uso. En la actualidad, la oferta para la salud dental es muy variada, pero también existen opciones naturales y caseras para limpiar e incluso blanquear los dientes, que por fortuna no involucran pezuñas de animales. Hay algunos sustitutos naturales que se pueden usar para hacer pastas dentales caseras, los cuales no sólo brindan beneficios para la salud bucal a la par de la pasta de dientes convencional, sino que tampoco tienen efectos secundarios. A continuación te mencionamos algunos: Aceite de coco El aceite de coco tiene propiedades naturales antimicrobianas, antiinflamatorias y antifúngicas, combate la infección por hongos causada por [i]Candida albicans[/i] y también protege los dientes contra las caries. Se puede usar como base para una pasta dental caseras o como enjuague bucal. Bicarbonato de sodio La naturaleza alcalina del bicarbonato de sodio neutraliza el pH de la cavidad bucal. Además, este producto químico también tiene propiedades abrasivas suaves para eliminar las manchas de los dientes. Sal marina La propiedad alcalina de la sal marina la convierte en un buen ingrediente de una pasta de dientes natural. Si quieres probar con estos ingredientes naturales, puedes elaborar pastas dentales caseras sencillas de la siguiente forma: [b]Pasta de dientes con bicarbonato de sodio y agua.[/b] Mezcla una cucharadita de bicarbonato de sodio con unas gotas de agua y una gota de aceite esencial, si lo deseas. [b]Pasta de dientes con bicarbonato, sal y agua.[/b] Mezcla una cucharada de bicarbonato de sodio con una cucharada de sal natural, unas gotas de agua y tres gotas de un aceite esencial. [b]Pasta de dientes con bicarbonato de sodio y aceite de coco.[/b] Mezcla dos cucharadas de bicarbonato de sodio con dos cucharadas de aceite de coco. Puedes añadir diez gotas de aceite esencial. Como remedio casero para blanquear los dientes, también puedes probar con cáscaras de limón, naranja o plátano, sólo frota suavemente las cáscaras de la fruta en los dientes durante unos 2 minutos y enjuaga bien tu boca y cepilla tus dientes después.
Leer en españolCabbage belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables, which have very few calories and multiple health benefits. This plant rich in fiber is a great option to prepare delicious soups, stews, and salads that you will surely love. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly and yielding ingredient. Is Cabbage Rich in Vitamins and Minerals?Cabbage is, indeed, one of the best foods for your diet as it is full of vitamins and minerals like:Vitamin KVitamin CVitamin B6Vitamin AFolic acidCalciumIronPotassiumMagnesiumTherefore, it is a good idea to make a delicious cabbage soup or a carrot and cabbage salad to serve with your meals. Which Are the Health Benefits of Cabbage?Believe it or not, several scientific studies have shown that cabbage has multiple health benefits since it is good for the heart, helps improve digestion, could help prevent diabetes and cancer, and lowers cholesterol levels. Read on to find out more about why you should eat more cabbage.Cabbage Improves Digestion Thanks to its high fiber content, cabbage is the perfect option for people with constipation or for those who want to improve their digestion. Since this vegetable is rich in insoluble fiber, it helps increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines, which is good for the immune system.Cabbage for the Heart Red cabbage, also known as purple cabbage, is rich in a chemical called anthocyanin, hence its bright color. Most importantly, scientific research has shown that anthocyanin lowers the risk of heart disease. In addition to this, everything suggests that eating foods rich in anthocyanin could help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diseases in the heart’s main blood vessels. Now you know, cabbage contains about 36 types of anthocyanins, which makes it the perfect food to take care of your heart.Can Cabbage Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?Although further research is required, a recently published study points out that a diet rich in cabbage may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. In this case, the participants ate significant amounts of vegetables, fish, apples, pears, oats, and rye bread.Cabbage Is Rich in Vitamin C As everyone knows, vitamin C is highly important for proper body functioning, making cabbage a good option. On one hand, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and is needed for collagen production, which is essential for the skin, muscles, bones, and even the veins.On the other hand, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which stresses the need to eat more food rich in this vitamin to fight the effects of free radicals. Remember that, when it comes to antioxidants, red cabbage contains 30% more than green cabbage.Cabbage for Cholesterol If you have high cholesterol levels, it is best to eat more vegetables and healthy foods since high cholesterol means a higher risk of heart disease.In the case of cabbage, experts have found that it contains two substances that lower bad cholesterol levels. Nowadays, high blood pressure affects a large part of the Mexican population, so people should change their diet to eat more healthy foods since high blood pressure implies a higher risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Therefore, those with this disease should eat more foods rich in potassium that will help them control their blood pressure.Cabbage is the best option for people with high blood pressure because it is packed with potassium and other nutrients.Can Cabbage Fight Cancer?In the last decades, several scientific studies have shown the importance of diet to fight cancer. It is worth mentioning that cabbage is rich in sulforaphane, a chemical compound that could help prevent cancer. Besides that, cruciferous vegetables have also been linked to a lower cancer risk. According to recent research, sulforaphane could help fight skin cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.Fun Facts About CabbageAccording to Mexico’s Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry (Sader), cabbage arrived on the American continent in 1541 thanks to a French man called Jacques Cartier. Cabbage is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. There is a wide variety of cabbage: Copenhagen Market, Superette, Emerald Cross, Royal Vantage, Red Rockie, and Sure Vantage, to mention some. The Best Cabbage RecipesCabbage and Chickpea Soup Chicken Breast-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Creamy Cucumber, Chayote, Cabbage, Ham, and Celery Salad Chicken Cabbage Soup Ground Beef-Stuffed Cabbage RollsTranslated by Miranda Perea
Leer en españolThanks to the miracle-like results of some celebrities, the ketogenic diet has become widely popular in recent years. But, do you know what this diet plan is about? Does it really work? What should you do to follow a keto diet? Here, we will tell you all you need to know about the keto diet.For Beginners, What is the Keto Diet? This diet is based on the principle of ketosis, which is a state in which the body mainly feeds on fats. This is achieved by following a diet with a high-fat content, low protein content, and many carbohydrates.Which Foods Are Allowed in the Keto Diet? Most meals must be based on the next ingredients:Meat: Chicken, turkey, red meat, sausages, ham, or bacon Fatty fish: Salmon, trout, or tuna Eggs Dairy products: Butter, cream, cheese Dried fruits and seeds: Nuts, almonds, chia, or pumpkin seeds Oils: Olive, avocado, or coconut oil Avocados Low-calorie vegetables Spices: Salt, pepper, and other spicesWhich Foods Are Not Allowed in the Keto Diet? Sweetened foods: Sodas, juices, smoothies, cakes, bread, candies Grains: Wheat, rice, pasta, cereals Fruits: You can seldomly eat a handful of strawberries Legumes: Beans, lentils, chickpeas Vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots Diet or low-fat products Sugar-free diet products Alcohol Why Does the Keto Diet Work So Well? There are many reasons why the ketogenic diet is so effective; however, the main reasons are:1. You will not starve to death with this meal plan. Eating foods with a high-fat content makes you feel full and helps you avoid cravings between meals.2. It is a diet plan that only lasts for a couple of weeks. Due to the way it affects the body, it is best to follow this diet for up to three weeks at a time. 3. Unlike other diets that include special ingredients or specific preparations, the keto diet is very simple. In addition to help you lose weight, the ketogenic diet can improve your general health. What about kick-starting the year by losing some pounds while you eat delicious food? Join our 7-Day Keto Meal Plan. Download the cookbook HERE.Translated by Miranda Perea
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