The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Dinner Planning
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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Dinner Planning

Por - December 2021

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We’ve been there before: You’ve been planning your Christmas dinner and you find out last minute that you are missing an ingredient or forgot to prepare a sauce. When you’re in a hurry, there will always be something missing, so here’s a list of things you must include for planning the perfect Christmas dinner.


Even though chips, peanuts, and chicharrones are the favorite snacks at many Mexican homes, you could try fancier options, like a charcuterie board, a creamy dip, or some appetizers.


Mexicans indeed eat tortillas with most dishes all year round, but Christmas dinner is best enjoyed with a freshly-baked loaf of homemade bread. If you don’t have enough time to steal the spotlight with homemade bread, simply get one at the bakery and heat it for a couple of minutes in the oven so that it is warm once served.


This is one of the most special dinners in the years, so dessert is a must to give the finishing touch to a wonderful night. From a traditional chocolate cake to a Christmassy Yule log cake, there are thousands of options. Prepare the dessert of your choice in single portions so that it is easier to serve.

Dips and sauces

Prepare either spicy or sweet and sour dips and sauces to serve with mashed potatoes or meat. There are many types of sauces and you will surely find one that will make your Christmas menu amazing. Don’t prepare your sauce at the very last minute. Remember that many preparations, even more so if they are hot, are even tastier when they are allowed to rest.

Side Dishes

Turkey and pork roast are mouthwatering dishes, but they must not be served by themselves. You can serve them with delicious sides like pasta, salad, potatoes (cooked in any way), vegetables or whatever you like! Choose the side dish according to the main so that the flavors combine perfectly.

A Special Dinner

This is not just any dinner, it is Christmas dinner. Be creative, invest time, and cook an extra special dinner for this long-awaited occasion. To make sure your holiday feast will be an absolute hit, buy all the ingredients you need in advance and start prepping one day ahead.

Special Drinks

It might seem obvious, but drinks are often forgotten. You must think about drinks for pairing with the whole dinner, from appetizers to dessert, and, of course, for toasting. Fruit punch, Mexican fruit coolers, coffee, and sparkling wine are easy drinks that will delight everyone.

Translated by Miranda Perea
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Leer en españolNowadays, granola has become part of our diet since its health benefits and its low-calorie content make it ideal for meal plans and healthy dishes. However, as it grows in popularity, more brands have launched industrialized versions to the market, most of which are less healthy than they used to. Therefore, here you’ll find everything about granola and how to make your own to make the most of its healthy and natural origin.What Is Granola?There are many types and varieties of granola, but true granola must be a mix of different nuts, rolled oats, honey, and several dried fruits that are baked until crunchy. How to Make the Best Granola?To each their own, but this is a great place to start if you have never made granola before. Keep reading to learn how to prepare granola step by step.1. Grains Use three cups of the grains of your choice. Oats are a classic option, but you can do as you will with the recipe and use rye, wheat, etc.2. Nuts A cup and a half will do and there is an immense variety to choose from: peanuts, pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, or even a mix.3. Sweetener Time for honey. You can use either honey or maple syrup for a healthier option.4. Oil This ingredient is very important because it keeps the granola from burning or sticking and gives it a nice and smooth feeling. Use half a cup of olive oil.5. Salt That sweet and savory taste of the best granolas comes from adding a teaspoon of salt to the recipe to enhance all the mixed flavors.6. Mix Now, it’s just a matter of mixing the dry ingredients and adding, one by one, the wet ingredients to obtain a uniform mixture.7. To the oven Evenly spread the mixture on a baking sheet and bake it at 356 °F for at least 30 minutes.Why Is It Best to Make Your Own Granola?Making your own granola is not a whim or a game, it truly has benefits:It is more delicious, as you can prepare it according to your taste and use the ingredients you prefer. Some even add bacon or peanut butter.It is extremely easy to prepare and it is even faster than a trip to the supermarket to buy it.It is cheaper than store-bought granola and you already have all the utensils you need to make it at home.Your house will smell delicious.TipsFor even healthier granola, add some tablespoons of quinoa.For a boost of flavor, add shredded coconut or dried pineapple.Always use fruit cut into small chunks to keep your granola from getting mushy.Add a citrus touch with lime or orange zest.To spice up your granola, add a bit of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, or nutmeg.RecipesOnce your granola is ready, you can use it to prepare these delicious recipes that your family will enjoy. Yogurt & Granola Fruit Swekers with Granola Honey Granola MuffinsTranslated by Miranda Perea
Leer en españolThanks to the miracle-like results of some celebrities, the ketogenic diet has become widely popular in recent years. But, do you know what this diet plan is about? Does it really work? What should you do to follow a keto diet? Here, we will tell you all you need to know about the keto diet.For Beginners, What is the Keto Diet? This diet is based on the principle of ketosis, which is a state in which the body mainly feeds on fats. This is achieved by following a diet with a high-fat content, low protein content, and many carbohydrates.Which Foods Are Allowed in the Keto Diet? Most meals must be based on the next ingredients:Meat: Chicken, turkey, red meat, sausages, ham, or bacon Fatty fish: Salmon, trout, or tuna Eggs Dairy products: Butter, cream, cheese Dried fruits and seeds: Nuts, almonds, chia, or pumpkin seeds Oils: Olive, avocado, or coconut oil Avocados Low-calorie vegetables Spices: Salt, pepper, and other spicesWhich Foods Are Not Allowed in the Keto Diet? Sweetened foods: Sodas, juices, smoothies, cakes, bread, candies Grains: Wheat, rice, pasta, cereals Fruits: You can seldomly eat a handful of strawberries Legumes: Beans, lentils, chickpeas Vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots Diet or low-fat products Sugar-free diet products Alcohol Why Does the Keto Diet Work So Well? There are many reasons why the ketogenic diet is so effective; however, the main reasons are:1. You will not starve to death with this meal plan. Eating foods with a high-fat content makes you feel full and helps you avoid cravings between meals.2. It is a diet plan that only lasts for a couple of weeks. Due to the way it affects the body, it is best to follow this diet for up to three weeks at a time. 3. Unlike other diets that include special ingredients or specific preparations, the keto diet is very simple. In addition to help you lose weight, the ketogenic diet can improve your general health. What about kick-starting the year by losing some pounds while you eat delicious food? Join our 7-Day Keto Meal Plan. Download the cookbook HERE.Translated by Miranda Perea
La pandemia llegó para cambiar nuestra vida diaria, pues la enfermedad por Covid-19 ha llevado a millones de personas a adoptar estilos de vida más saludables, así como una mejor alimentación. Cabe señalar que, aunque no existen fórmulas milagrosas para evitar contraer el virus, un estudio reciente indica que las personas que siguen la dieta plant-based tienen menos probabilidades de contraer el virus y de experimentar síntomas graves.¿Qué es la dieta plant-based?La dieta basada en plantas, conocida como plant-based en inglés, es un régimen alimenticio que se basa, en su mayoría, en el consumo de alimentos de origen vegetal, sin embargo, no es lo mismo que el vegetarianismo o el veganismo. Este tipo de dieta es rica en frutas, verduras, nueces, semillas, granos enteros, leguminosas y aceites, sin embargo, algunas personas también consumen productos de origen animal en pequeñas cantidades. La dieta mediterránea es el ejemplo perfecto de una dieta basada en plantas. También puedes leer: ¿Qué alimentos debes comer si tienes covid-19?La dieta basada en plantas vs. Covid-19Según el estudio científico, la buena alimentación es clave antes y durante la infección por Covid-19, aquí te explicamos por qué. Después de analizar los hábitos alimenticios de las 592,571 personas que participaron en el estudio, los expertos encontraron ciertas diferencias entre aquellos que consumían alimentos más saludables y los que seguían una dieta menos nutritiva. En comparación con las personas que llevaban dietas menos saludables, aquellos que se alimentaban de mejor manera tenían "9% menos de probabilidades desarrollar Covid-19 y un 41% menos de desarrollar Covid-19 grave". Por otro lado, los científicos explicaron que, aunque es indispensable que todos se vacunen y usen cubrebocas, el estudio reciente sugiere que “los individuos pueden reducir, potencialmente, su riesgo de contraer Covid-19 o de tener un resultado poco alentador al poner atención en sus dietas”.También puedes leer: Nutrición en tiempos de Covid¿Cómo puedo adoptar una dieta plant-based?Si quieres adoptar la dieta basada en plantas y mejorar tu salud, estos consejos te serán de mucha ayuda: 1. Incorpora todo tipo de vegetales en tus comidas y llena al menos la mitad de tu plato con vegetales de diversos colores. 2. Reduce la cantidad de carne que ingieres. Por ejemplo, como un bistec pequeño y sírvete el doble de ensalada o verduras. 3. Anímate a cocinar recetas vegetarianas o veganas al menos una vez a la semana. 4. Es momento de incorporar grasas saludables en tus comidas: aceite de oliva, nueces, semillas y aguacate. 5. Recuerda que la fruta es ideal para la hora del postre o para un antojo.También puedes leer: ¿Por qué perdemos el gusto y el olfato con covid y cómo recuperarlo?
Leer en españolIn 2022, trends regarding health and wellness will be very innovative as everything suggests that people are becoming increasingly interested in taking care of their health and eating foods that provide their bodies with nutrients. Keep reading if you want to know which foods you will be seeing around kiwilimón, social media, and stores in 2022.Moringa This small seed that is used in Ayurveda will be one of the most popular trends this year since it has multiple health benefits. According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), moringa leaves contain “anticarcinogenic, hypertensive, glucose-lowering, and antibiotic substances”.According to information published by the UNAM, moringa is rich in proteins, contains essential amino acids, improves digestion, and has vitamin A and C. Although further research is required, moringa could help prevent the development of tumors.Hibiscus FlowerHibiscus flower will be stand out even more in 2022 since several brands will use it in jams, yogurt, and all types of nutritional supplements.Remember that hibiscus flower is a great choice to prepare coolers and tea since it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, C, B1, and E, as well as in minerals, like iron, calcium, and phosphate. Sunflower SeedsIn recent years, all types of seeds have become more popular among consumers since there are kinds of milk and bars made with all sorts of grains. According to market research by Whole Foods Market, there will be a wide range of seed-based products in 2022. Food for Improving Intestinal HealthEven though we already know intestinal health is fundamental, it seems we will focus more on it in 2022. That is why probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented food will be trending. Strengthening the Immune SystemDue to COVID-19 and its variants, many people will focus on boosting their immune system with diets rich in vitamin C. Eating Less MeatIt is common to find all kinds of meatless and dairy-free food, which has encouraged many people to reduce their meat intake. According to Whole Foods Market, this trend will grow even more in 2022, for, even though they don’t become 100% vegan or vegetarian, people will try to eat less meat. Plant-Based DietsThis trend became more popular a couple of years ago, however, it is expected to be adopted by many this year. There are many benefits to this kind of diet, as it is nutritious, healthy, low-fat, and even more budget-friendly than eating meat. Foods for Strengthening the BrainExperts assert that consumers are highly interested in eating foods to strengthen their brain and slow down or prevent the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Translated by Miranda Perea
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