The Fascinating Origins of Christmas Traditions
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The Fascinating Origins of Christmas Traditions

Por - Diciembre 2021
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Stuffed turkey, cod stew, romeritos, and gifts! If this sounds like the perfect Christmas combo for you but you don’t know anything about the reason why these are traditional holiday recipes or the actual meaning of giving presents, we’ve got you covered.

Even though each country celebrates Christmas with different dishes, they all share the same meaning: love, joy, and happiness.

1. Christmas Dinner

Some of the traditional dishes for Christmas Eve or Christmas include cod stew, romeritos, stuffed turkey, pork leg, pork tenderloin adobo, Christmas apple salad, pozole, tamales, and a wide array of desserts like arroz con leche. Some families also prepare fruit punch, champurrado, and atoles of different flavors.

According to tradition, the most important part of the Christmas dinner is not the food itself but the quality time spent with our loved ones. Different dishes are prepared in each country. For example, turkey is often the main dish in the United States, while vitel toné and salads are a must in Argentina. When it comes to desserts, buñuelos are traditional in Spain, while turrón is king in Colombia and Italy.

Here is everything you need to know about the origin of some of the traditional Christmas recipes prepared in Mexico:

Cod Stew

Besides being prepared for Christmas, this dish from the Mexican state of Veracruz is also a staple during Holy Week because of Lent.

Stuffed Turkey

Even though it is not a traditional Mexican dish, turkey has been spiced up with Mexican flavors by adding ground beef, vegetables, raisins, and almonds.


This dish is indigenous to Mexico City. It is said to have been a favorite among the Aztec due to the number of nutrients contained in quelites, mole sauce, and nopales. Besides being a classic Christmas dish, romeritos are also prepared during the Holy Week.


An Aztec beverage, atole is widely consumed during the winter season since its texture and temperature make it ideal for pairing it with other traditional dishes like tamales.


The ideal drink to pair with dessert. Champurrado is a corn-based atole with piloncillo, dark chocolate, water, and a touch of vanilla. It must be brought to a boil to obtain the proper texture. This is another Aztec drink and it is delicious.


This drink is obtained through the fermentation of apple juice. There is evidence that cider was consumed by the Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew peoples. Mexico inherited the tradition from the Spanish and it is still produced un Huejotzingo and Zacatlán de las Manzanas in Puebla.

2. The Christmas Tree and related ornaments

Ornaments and symbolism are a must during this season of the year. It is also the perfect time for making crafts with our loved ones. One of the most important elements during this season is the Christmas tree, which is decorated with different ornaments and red, white, and golden baubles. Another Christmas staple is the Advent wreath, whose 4 candles are the symbol of the 4 weeks before December 25.

3. The Nativity Scene

Some sources assert that the first Nativity scene was set in the year 345, in a grave in Letran, during the Christian era. However, this tradition was started by Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy in 1223, who insisted on the activity becoming a Christmas tradition. Friars brought this tradition to Mexico and it became mainstream in the rest of the world in the 15th century.

4. The presents

The tradition of Christmas gifts represents the act of giving and receiving. It is one of the most special and expected moments of the season for many. Is it for you?

Learn how to lay the perfect Christmas table with this quick guide:

Translated by Miranda Perea
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La Ciudad de México siempre nos sorprende con nuevos platillos y bebidas. En meses recientes, el carajillo se ha convertido en un must en restaurantes y bares, sin embargo, siempre surgen más opciones que nos dejan con la boca abierta. En esta ocasión te contamos sobre la licuachela, un trago que ha causado furor.¿Qué son las licuachelas?Las famosas licuachelas son unas micheladas que se preparan con chamoy, gomitas de todos sabores y colores, para luego servirse dentro de vasos gigantes en forma de licuadora, los cuales suelen ser de colores neón o muy brillantes. Aunque cada local tiene sus propias recetas, estas también pueden servirse con brochetas de tamarindo, chile en polvo, fruta fresca y dulces. La licuachela ganó fama en TikTok, en donde cientos de usuarios comenzaron a compartir sus coloridas bebidas, lo que las convirtió en una de las bebidas más deseadas de la ciudad.También puedes leer: Bomba de Michelada¿Dónde están las mejores licuachelas?Según diversos medios, las licuachelas se volvieron virales después de que un puesto ambulante ubicado en Tepito comenzara a darle un giro más vistoso a sus bebidas alcohólicas: vasos de colores, licuadoras neón, vasos con brillantina y foquitos. Después de un cambio de nombre y locación, las licuachelas más famosas de la ciudad ahora están disponibles en Dolls Drinks. Aunque este local no fue el primero en servir tragos en licuadoras de colores, sí crearon una tendencia que ahora podemos encontrar en diferentes lugares en la Ciudad de México y todo el país. En Dolls Drinks puedes encontrar las licuachelas más extravagantes, pues las adornan con foquitos, velas, mini botellas de licor y todo tipo de dulces. El precio de estas micheladas en licuadora va de los $190 a los $250.También puedes leer: Michelada CubanaFotos tomadas de Dolls Drinks en Instagram
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