Un tip para que tus hijos se concentren
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Un tip para que tus hijos se concentren

Por Kiwilimón - Julio 2015
El otro día fui a la terapia de lenguaje de Tomás y la terapeuta me dio un tip buenísimo que se los tengo que compartir. Se trata de llenar un recipiente grande con frijoles, arroz o lentejas y cuando estén haciendo su tarea hagas que metan los pies descalzos en este recipiente. Vas a pensar que es una locura, pero yo lo hice con mis 3 hijos y ha sido todo un éxito; estoy segura que a tus hijos también les va a servir. Lo que me explicaba esta terapeuta es que haciendo esto, logras que tus hijos se concentren mucho más y también si es que son inquietos, los obliga a que no muevan tanto. ¡A Tomás le encanta! le relaja muchísimo y yo siento que hasta se pone más creativo y es como que se activa la parte sensorial. Inténtalo con tus hijos y ya me contarás cómo te fue. Ver artículo original Artículo cortesía de 27

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Leer en españolThanks to the miracle-like results of some celebrities, the ketogenic diet has become widely popular in recent years. But, do you know what this diet plan is about? Does it really work? What should you do to follow a keto diet? Here, we will tell you all you need to know about the keto diet.For Beginners, What is the Keto Diet? This diet is based on the principle of ketosis, which is a state in which the body mainly feeds on fats. This is achieved by following a diet with a high-fat content, low protein content, and many carbohydrates.Which Foods Are Allowed in the Keto Diet? Most meals must be based on the next ingredients:Meat: Chicken, turkey, red meat, sausages, ham, or bacon Fatty fish: Salmon, trout, or tuna Eggs Dairy products: Butter, cream, cheese Dried fruits and seeds: Nuts, almonds, chia, or pumpkin seeds Oils: Olive, avocado, or coconut oil Avocados Low-calorie vegetables Spices: Salt, pepper, and other spicesWhich Foods Are Not Allowed in the Keto Diet? Sweetened foods: Sodas, juices, smoothies, cakes, bread, candies Grains: Wheat, rice, pasta, cereals Fruits: You can seldomly eat a handful of strawberries Legumes: Beans, lentils, chickpeas Vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots Diet or low-fat products Sugar-free diet products Alcohol Why Does the Keto Diet Work So Well? There are many reasons why the ketogenic diet is so effective; however, the main reasons are:1. You will not starve to death with this meal plan. Eating foods with a high-fat content makes you feel full and helps you avoid cravings between meals.2. It is a diet plan that only lasts for a couple of weeks. Due to the way it affects the body, it is best to follow this diet for up to three weeks at a time. 3. Unlike other diets that include special ingredients or specific preparations, the keto diet is very simple. In addition to help you lose weight, the ketogenic diet can improve your general health. What about kick-starting the year by losing some pounds while you eat delicious food? Join our 7-Day Keto Meal Plan. Download the cookbook HERE.Translated by Miranda Perea
La pandemia de COVID-19 llegó para revolucionar la manera en que comemos, pues las fastuosas comidas en restaurantes con amigos o familia se volvieron casi imposibles. Es aquí cuando surgen las dark kitchens, espacios que han llegado para quedarse, ampliar la oferta gastronómica y para consentir nuestro paladar desde la distancia. Hoy en día, una de las dark kitchens más destacadas del área metropolitana es Abelio quince15, la cual ofrece crujientes, deliciosas y saludables pizzas de masa madre. Cabe recordar que este tipo de masa se fermenta de manera natural, lo que tiene muchos beneficios para la salud, sobre todo para la digestión. Esta pequeña, pero impresionante, dark kitchen es liderada por un grupo de 5 personas, quienes hacen llegar estas maravillosas pizzas de masa madre a todos sus comensales. Otro aspecto que podemos destacar de este proyecto es que utiliza ingredientes de temporada y de la más alta calidad. Si te animas a probar los platillos de Abelio quince15, te recomiendo la pizza de aguacate con sofrito de tomate casero, jalapeño, burrata, limón y aceite de oliva, pues no solo es deliciosa y está llena de sabor, sino que además viene con un humus casero que te encantara. Por otro lado, también cuentan con una rica pizza de higos con sofrito de tomate casero, queso gruyere, anchoas, jamón serrano y miel de Oaxaca. Al combinar todos estos ingredientes en tu boca, ya no querrás probar ninguna otra pizza.Si tienes ganas de probar algo más que pizza, no te puedes perder la coliflor asada y adobada, el elote dulce asado y el pan artesanal con su rica base de masa madre. Para cerrar con broche de oro, cuentan con postres como el pain perdu, un rico pan brioche casero, o el cremoso cheesecake asado. Cabe destacar que Abelio quince15 es la mejor pizzería que he visitado, ya que su toque casero es inigualable.
Leer en españolOne stroke, one grape, and one wish is a New Year tradition that has become one of the most popular good luck rituals due to all the things it represents. Even considered magical by some, this ritual is performed at midnight when the number 12 is repeated: 12 strokes, 12 o’clock, 12 months, 12 grapes, 12 wishes. Just like some people believe that taking empty suitcases around the block will ensure a lot of traveling during the new year, others are convinced that eating grapes at the stroke of midnight will guarantee a year with goals and wishful thinking for the new period that begins. Moreover, it adds a bit of adrenaline and fun to the night to find out who can follow the pace of the strokes while eating the 12 grapes.However, this tradition, which is highly popular in Latin America, is actually from Spain. According to the book Spain by journalist Jeff Koehler, the origin of this good luck ritual has two possible theories: One located in the 19th century and the other in the early 20th century.The first hypothesis asserts that the Spanish bourgeois wanted to do as their French counterparts, whose New Year’s Eve celebration involved eating grapes and drinking sparkling wine.The tradition then passed on to people in Madrid, who went to the Puerta del Sol to listen to the strokes at midnight and to eat grapes, like the wealthy, but with irony and mockery.The second hypothesis mentions that farmers in Aledo, Alicante had a surplus of harvested white grapes and decided to sell them at a low price.Nowadays, these grapes are so famous that they are known as “good luck grapes” and they are even sold in Aledo in 12-piece special packages to welcome the New Year. Kick-starting the year with good wishes is always a great way to get inspired and manifest prosperity for the new cycle that begins. Whether you eat grapes or not, New Year’s Eve is always a day full of optimism that we want to share with you with these 12 tips to welcome the new year.Translated by Miranda Perea
Leer en españolIn 2022, trends regarding health and wellness will be very innovative as everything suggests that people are becoming increasingly interested in taking care of their health and eating foods that provide their bodies with nutrients. Keep reading if you want to know which foods you will be seeing around kiwilimón, social media, and stores in 2022.Moringa This small seed that is used in Ayurveda will be one of the most popular trends this year since it has multiple health benefits. According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), moringa leaves contain “anticarcinogenic, hypertensive, glucose-lowering, and antibiotic substances”.According to information published by the UNAM, moringa is rich in proteins, contains essential amino acids, improves digestion, and has vitamin A and C. Although further research is required, moringa could help prevent the development of tumors.Hibiscus FlowerHibiscus flower will be stand out even more in 2022 since several brands will use it in jams, yogurt, and all types of nutritional supplements.Remember that hibiscus flower is a great choice to prepare coolers and tea since it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, C, B1, and E, as well as in minerals, like iron, calcium, and phosphate. Sunflower SeedsIn recent years, all types of seeds have become more popular among consumers since there are kinds of milk and bars made with all sorts of grains. According to market research by Whole Foods Market, there will be a wide range of seed-based products in 2022. Food for Improving Intestinal HealthEven though we already know intestinal health is fundamental, it seems we will focus more on it in 2022. That is why probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented food will be trending. Strengthening the Immune SystemDue to COVID-19 and its variants, many people will focus on boosting their immune system with diets rich in vitamin C. Eating Less MeatIt is common to find all kinds of meatless and dairy-free food, which has encouraged many people to reduce their meat intake. According to Whole Foods Market, this trend will grow even more in 2022, for, even though they don’t become 100% vegan or vegetarian, people will try to eat less meat. Plant-Based DietsThis trend became more popular a couple of years ago, however, it is expected to be adopted by many this year. There are many benefits to this kind of diet, as it is nutritious, healthy, low-fat, and even more budget-friendly than eating meat. Foods for Strengthening the BrainExperts assert that consumers are highly interested in eating foods to strengthen their brain and slow down or prevent the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Translated by Miranda Perea
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